Frame Counters


This pack includes 5 videos with frame counters designed to help you check the delay of a wireless video transmission system.

Testing the video transmission delay during camera preparation, particularly for ACs, is crucial. This ensures that the delay of the video transmission is acceptable for tasks such as pulling focus under optimal conditions.

The process is straightforward :

  1. Set up your camera, lens and the wireless video transmitter with the associated monitor.

  2. Place your phone - displaying the video corresponding to the camera frame rate - and the monitor in front of the camera, so that it is framing both screens.

  3. Start recording on the camera.

  4. Play the video on your phone.

  5. Stop recording after at least 10 seconds.

  6. Playback the video recorded on the camera and pause it somewhere in the middle.

  7. Calculate the difference in the number of frames between both frame counters, on the monitor and your phone's display.

  8. The resulting number is the frame delay of the video transmitter.

This method is valuable for determining whether a video transmission system is faulty or not fast enough for your specific requirements.

You can also do the same kind of test with monitors plugged directly to the camera with a BNC/SDI, HDMI cable, etc.

This tool can be used whether your monitor is connected wirelessly or attached directly to the camera.

The package consists of 5 different videos with frame counters for the following frame rates:

  • 23.976 fps

  • 24 fps

  • 25 fps

  • 29.97 fps

  • 30 fps

The videos are provided in Full HD (1920x1080) resolution and H.264 (mp4) codec, with each lasting 5 minutes.

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